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Bendigo Myotherapy

Opening in 2006 it was the first Myotherapy Clinic in Central Victoria and has firmly established itself as one of the region’s leading allied health providers.

In the website you will be introduced to our therapists, background information on Myotherapy, what a Myotherapy treatment consists of, and how it may help you and your loved ones; so please take the time to look through and discover how we can help you in reaching your health goals.

You can be assured of a high level of care as all of our Myotherapists are members of the Myotherapy Association Australian, Australia’s peak industry association dedicated to the interests of Myotherapist professional development, advocacy, support, networking and an all-round fabulous resource.

Visit to learn more: Myotherapy Association Australia

How we can Help...

Anyone experiencing musculoskeletal pain or limited mobility of all ages and walks of life can benefit from seeing a Myotherapist. Although many patients are referred by Doctors and other health professionals referrals are not essential and if in doubt any additional questions can be addressed by calling the clinic.

Repetitive Strain Injuries
Pre & Post – Natal Pain
Wrist & Elbow Problems
Poor Posture
Pins & needles

Neck and Shoulder Pain
Back Pain
Sport Injuries
Hip & Sciatica Pain

In addition to providing specialist muscular treatments in the clinic, Bendigo Myotherapy and its practitioners also offer…

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Theraputic Exercise Prescription
Musculoskeletal and Sporting Nutritional Advice
Remedial Massage
Relaxation Massage

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