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During a Myotherapy consultation any combination of the following modalities may be used:

Orthopedic Testing
Is a diagnostic method used in which a range of tests are performed. These assess the structural and functional integrity of the muscles and joints and identify the cause of the presenting symptoms.

Postural Assessment

Musculoskeletal alignment is observed to identify structural abnormalities, muscle imbalances and possible aggravating activities that have any correlation to the presenting condition.

Stretches Soft Tissue Manipulation

Hands on treatment involving palpation, specific deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and cross fibre friction. These techniques help to deactivate trigger point referral; reduce pain, align scar tissue formation, relieve muscle tension, adhesions and spasms; and reduce post exercise soreness. This form of treatment also provides widespread benefits to the vascular, lymphatic and nervous systems.

Myofascial Dry Needling

Acupuncture needles are inserted into muscles to deactivate Trigger Points, increase blood flow and accelerate healing. It is thought that Dry Needling also inhibits abnormal nerve activity which can cause focal regions of muscle tension that is often present in chronic conditions.

Electromechanical Stimulation

A TENS machine is used to stimulate cellular activity and accelerate the rate of healing. Pads are used to stimulate superficial muscles and tissues, whereas TENS penetrates the deeper tissues when combined with Myofascial Dry Needling.


StretchesIs one of the most effective methods of reducing muscular tension, and is used during treatments in various forms to decrease taught bands and trigger point activity. Specific stretching programs are written for individuals to increase self management of conditions and prevent reoccurrence of symptoms. Regular stretching maintains flexibility and elasticity of the muscles and provides 'an early warning sign' to identify muscular dysfunction before symptoms of pain begin.


Enhances localised blood flow and provides a unique style of stretch that is particularly effective with the fascia throughout the body.

Thermal Therapy

The application of Heat and Cold are used in conjunction with other treatment modalities to increase or inhibit blood flow and inflammation.

Exercise Ball Corrective Exercises
Exercise programs are designed for individuals to strengthen weak muscles and muscle groups. There is often a direct association between muscle weakness and pain. Once weakness has been identified, programs help improve posture, normalise body movement patterns, enhance sporting performance, prevent injuries and reoccurrence of injuries.


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