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I had been suffering severe hip and leg pain for over 20 years and have seen everyone I could think of to try to get relief with no luck. I never thought I would be painfree again until I visited Bendigo Myotherapy after a friend recommended them; I have now been painfree for over 8 months and do not need regular visits to remain this way. I just wish they had been around 20 years ago!

I have never had my condition, the causes and aggravating factors of my condition explained so well to me. The Myotherapists at Bendigo Myotherapy really know their stuff and explained it in laymens terms to me, I now understand my condition and why it has happened which allows me to prevent it from happening regularly.

I have been suffering regular headaches for over 5 years. I had tried many different therapies to get relief but none provided lasting improvements. It wasn't until my Myotherapist assessed my sleeping position that she discovered that my sleeping position was causing the muscle problems in my neck, which in turn was causing my headaches. After 2 treatments and changing my sleeping position I haven't suffered a headache in over 6 months.

For years I have had problems with shin splints. I just had to put up with them as no one I saw could help relieve the pain. I had never heard of acutens before until the Myotherapist recommended trying it. After taping my feet and doing acutens twice I have been painfree. I have been able to play more sport than ever as I no longer have that horrible pain anymore.

I am impressed with the different approaches the Myotherapist took in assessing and treating my condition. They not only got into all of my sore spots, but they applied tape, did needling and educated me about my problem. They also developed a self management program to help me manage my condition at home.

The Myotherapists are really friendly and relaxed in their approach to treatments but definitely know their stuff!

I highly recommend Bendigo Myotherapy. I began seeing Rebecca when she was based in Melbourne and I was so disappointed when she moved back to Bendigo because she has always worked wonders for me, be it when I've had an injury or just when my muscles were crying out for some tender loving care. She is gifted at getting to the source of a problem and resolving it and frankly I've never known anyone to give a better treatment. I make a special effort to book in when I'm in the Bendigo area because I've never found anyone in Melbourne that I prefer.

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